Ultimately, you are the one who controls your LinkedIn Feed. Take control of what you want to see. Here are the 5 simple ways to improve your LinkedIn Feed.

  • Your connections: If you are not happy with the content you are seeing, the most important reason is your connections. Start looking at the content you don’t like & remove those content creators from your connection.
  • People you follow: If you are following the right people/companies/groups, you will see the right content. You can find the right folks to follow or unfollow those you don’t like.
  • Groups: The groups you are on will also determine the content you see. Leave the groups whose content you don’t like. Join groups which will give you the content you need to see.
  • Hashtags: The hashtags you follow determine the content you see. Add/remove hashtags regularly.
  • Spring cleaning: Do all the above steps regularly. If you don’t like the content, you are seeing. The most important reason is you:)

One last bit, the content you create or the way you engage, how active you are, how much you help your network, will determine whether you will get tagged to see the content you want to see. So ensure you are doing all these to improve your LinkedIn Feed.

Go and check your LinkedIn feed today! Before going read my latest post on LinkedIn Conversation ads.