8 Fast and Easy way to test mobile app ideas

8 Fast and Easy way to test mobile app ideas

8 Fast and Easy way to test mobile app ideas

We’ve seen it time and again: small tests can lead to significant results, sometimes through incremental improvements, and other times with dramatic, exponential improvements.

Here are 8 fast and easy ideas you can quickly test mobile app ideas to get on the road to better results.

  • Determine the impact of displaying customised promotions based on a user’s previous buying behaviour.
  • See which app onboarding copy best motivates users to take critical actions.
  • Test imagery and copy variants in your loyalty enrollment flow.
  • Explore which recommendations resonate right now due to changing consumer behaviour.
  • Based on the above point make tweaks to your recommendation engine.
  • Quickly learn which promotions and offers drive the highest conversions & revenue.
  • See which buttons and calls to action get the most conversions — test colours, copy and button styles.
  • Learn what imagery and content customers respond to best to increase engagement.

When testing is made accessible to any app stakeholders right from product owners, marketers, engineers, analytics directors, growth marketers and beyond.

There’s a chance to grow and expand a culture of experimentation. The benefits will be felt for years to come.

Hope these 8 fast and easy way to test mobile app ideas works for you as well.

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