Ranking in search engines can be difficult. While it may seem enticing to create content centred around high-traffic keywords, that strategy may not help you meet your business goals.

Instead, create an SEO plan that helps you address your individual business needs, like increasing traffic, and customer acquisition, for tremendous marketing success.

Here’s the simple 30-day affection SEO plan

Day 1: Define seed keywords and check rankings for them.

Day 2-4: Key research

  • Identify the keywords that competitors rank for
  • Identify the new keyword opportunities

Day 5: Filter the new keywords

Day 6: Build a keyword road map with the structured plan

Day 7-11: Optimise the landing page or relevant blog post, focusing on the technical SEO.

  • Work on the title and meta description
  • Optimise headlines
  • Optimise the title tags
  • Check the alt text of the images used
  • Check the page if it’s optimised for mobile
  • Take the page live

Day 12: Do a website audit

Day 13: Do a check on crawlability and indexing

Day 14: Fix redirects and coding issues

Day 15-16: Do a detailed study on the backlinks

  • Calculate the risk of penalty and clean up the bad quality links
  • Remove bad quality links
  • Disavow links that can be removed

Day 17-29: Focus on off-page things like “link building.”

  • Identify competitor’s backlink profiles
  • Guest blogging
  • Blog commenting and forum backlinks
  • Business directories

Day 30: Keep track of the impacts.

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