Google Ads has always been a great way to reach a broad audience – and it being the highest intent channel when compared to others. But as advertisers, we often learn quickly that not everyone converts the same, and it’s straightforward to waste a lot of ads spend on people who might not be your target audience.

It’s always complex in finding your ideal audience is more than just the sum of their keywords or demographics. Back in 2017, Google introduced the ability to target users based on their recent or upcoming significant life events – and most of the advertisers felt overwhelmed!

Recently Google’s has doubled this feature and released even more life events to target your customers online and expanded this targeting option to the Display Network. In this post, I’m sharing what you need to know.

List of Google’s new life events:

When Google first introduced life event targeting, it allowed advertisers to target user who was about to our recently experienced three kinds of life events: college graduation, marriage, and moving.

Recently, Google introduced four new major life events for advertisers to target within their campaigns.

  1. Purchasing a new home
  2. Business creation
  3. Job change
  4. Retirement

For an initial couple of years, Google’s life event targeting options were limited to Gmail and YouTube ad campaigns. In its newest update, Google also enables advertisers to target their display campaigns to users going through any of these seven major life events!

This change will give advantage to advertisers looking to optimise their display campaigns and target a more relevant audience online.

With over 2 million websites reaching over 2.5 billion internet users, you’re bound to find millions of people experiencing these life events across the Google Display Network.

These audiences can be layered with existing audiences like remarketing or in-market audiences to help you better refine your ad’s targeting to find the right user at the right time.

Note: Not sure whether these new 4 life events are available for India. Please check with your account manager.