The first and foremost question for everyone who creates a new YouTube channel is “How to Grow YouTube Subscribers?”

In case if you have some money and you have chosen the paid route, then you are on the right page.

Want to know how to run ‘Follower Ads’ to get more subscribers by using Facebook? 🧐

Here’s a cool hack for you.

We all knew that there are no subscriber ads on Google ads, like how we have for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

But yet there is a way to do it, below are the steps grow Youtube Subscribers. 

Step 1: Through FB Ads manager select ‘Website visits’ / ‘Traffic’.

Step 2: Target the right audience that suits your brand and select the device as mobile.

‘Link clicks’ will be optimization for ad delivery. Facebook will show your ad to someone who tends to click on it.

Step 3: As it is a ‘website visit’ ad format, you need to insert a link. Now add ‘Your YouTube channel link along with ?sub_confirmation=1’.

For Example, here’s the sample:

Step 4: Boom 🚀 publish the campaign and see the results in YouTube analytics!

So you must be wondering what this sub_confirmation=1 will make a difference?

When a user tries to click on the URL, it opens with a pop like this (in mobile or app).

This will act as a call to action to proceed further. Personally I’ve seen 4x jump in terms of subscriptions by using this simple hack.


This hack had helped us in grabbing new subscribers and higher engagements.

Give a try, and it will work for you as well to Grow your YouTube subscribers.

Post your thoughts in the below comments section 😃😃😃

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