As we all knew, this COVID-19 hit the Travel (Apps) industry massively, which are mostly mobile app-driven platforms.

Here are a few positive signs of how Travel apps will rebound solidly:

πŸ“± Overall sessions dropped: In March and April, assuming users were opening their travel apps 70-80% less than in February. However, this is an assumption.

πŸ™… Users did not delete the travel apps: Let’s take an example of Uber, Ola or any other daily commuting/travel apps. Rides/bookings have shrunk, but the users are still hopeful, and they did not delete these apps. People still have apps – they use them much less. (I didn’t delete any such apps in the last 45 days)

⛱️ Customers are not lost, they are taking a break: Now, this is the most important one, the number of active users (who opened the app in the last 30 days at least once) did not change much.

πŸ“‰ The app lost it’s ranking in the app stores: Stores ranks are very much relying on their ability for user acquisition. If people install the app less than before, for the algorithms, it means the app became less attractive.

So remember one thing, your competitors are in the same boat. So it’s time to be creative, engage with your audience regularly with some quality content during this COVID-19. Share your thoughts in the comments section and tell which are the Travel Apps which you haven’t deleted yet during this COVID-19 time.

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