LinkedIn has added Conversation Ads to its marketing efforts to boost one-to-one conversations between advertisers and customers.

The ad format is being built into its Message Ads. Advertisers can now choose their own path to customise digital campaigns.

This allows them to add call-to-actions including webinars, ebook downloads and product educational content.

This will turn the ad engagements on LinkedIn from one-sided messages to two-sided conversations.

Initial beta testing users claim the clickthrough rate was almost 5X higher, and the level of engagement is pretty wild when youโ€™re able to provide multiple opportunities to click.

Conversation Ads can also be used in conjunction with lead generation forms and conversion tracking.

The ad format is designed for real-time engagement, which means messages can only be sent when the prospect is active on LinkedIn.

Advertisers can use Conversation Ads alongside other features โ€“ like Lead Gen Forms and Conversation Tracking โ€“ to help move the needle closer to a conversion.

Conversation Ads let customers choose their path based on the CTA thatโ€™s most relevant to them โ€“ like registering for a webinar or downloading a white paper.

As an addition, these ads are only sent to currently active LinkedIn members, which can increase the likelihood of engagement.

The new format can be especially beneficial for B2B advertisers with longer purchase cycles and multiple stakeholders involved in buying decisions.

The Conversation Ads ads allow customers to access the content thatโ€™s most relevant to their current stage in the journey.

Conversation Ads will roll out for beta testing over the coming weeks.

Post choosing your advertising objective and audience, and you can select the Conversation Ad in the ad format section.

Conversation Ads LinkedIn

How to create a LinkedIn Conversation Ad:

  • Use up to 500 characters to complete your Intro message. Learn how to use macros to personalise this message.
  • Under the Call-to-action (CTA) buttons section, use up to 25 characters to create the first CTA Button text you want members to select.
  • From the Action dropdown, select what action you want members to take when they click the CTA.
    Note: At least one of your CTA buttons must send customers to your website.
  • Add response is optional. Click Add response to create the response members will see after they click your initial CTA button.

Note: When you click Add response, you can build out additional CTA buttons to layer into your conversation ad.

  • Click Add a button to provide members with up to five optional responses to your initial message.
  • You can add up to five CTA buttons with corresponding actions and response messages.

Note: A preview of your ad will dynamically generate in the window at the right as you complete the fields.

For an overview of your entire conversation, click View Flowchart in the top right corner of the Preview pane. Click View Preview to return to the preview.

  • Click Create.
  • Tap the Actions icon to the right of the ad in the Ads in this campaign window to Duplicate, Edit, or Send test message.
  • Thatโ€™s it. Just press Next.

How to create a LinkedIn Conversation Ad:

Learn more about LinkedIn Conversation Ads – Watch the below video.

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Try LinkedIn Conversation Ads today and share your outcomes in the comments section.