List of long weekends in 2020 - India

List of long weekends in 2020 - India

Wish you a great new year and the new decade ahead! And the first good news is 2020 will have more long weekends than in 2019.

Aren’t you excited! 2020 has 15 potential long weekends, for the ones who hate working more than five days a week and also for the ones craving a paid leave for vacation. With a total of 15 potential long weekends, the coming year has six more potentially long weekends.

Here’s a list of 15 potential long weekends for you to pre-plan your weekend getaways:

Long weekends 2020 - India

Here’s how you should plan your yearly leave:

  • Eleven days are mandatory off. (Might varies based on the state which you work)
  • All you’ve to do is take 11 days off – You will get ten paid leaves as per the standard.
  • 2 Floater/Optional leaves for every year (Again this differs based on company policy)
  • June and September are the two months who ditched us this year.

Rest you can manage with the WFH (Work from Home) and sick leaves 😛

What are you waiting for? Plan your next trip on some of these long weekends.

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