This is one thing every ASA app marketer face: App installs discrepancy between the ad platform vs MMP? And this because of how an MMPs and Apple Search Ads attribute installs.

Even though Apple is constantly working on solving this issue with the MMP partners, there are a few common reasons why there’s a discrepancy between these places.

Let me show some light on this today!

Attribution Window Discrepancy

Apple Search Ads: 30 days from a tap on an ad

MMP Difference: 7‑30 days from the first open of the app.

App Open Latency

Apple Search Ads: An App Store–verified install is recorded immediately after a user downloads the app.

MMP Difference: An install may not be viewable until a user opens the app for the first time, causing a delay between what Apple Search Ads sees and what the MMP sees.

Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) On

Apple Search Ads: LAT On and Off metrics are included in the reported install count viewed in the Campaigns dashboard and the Campaign Management API.

LAT install totals don’t include downloads from devices running iOS 14 or later.

MMP Difference: Not able to be attributed due to Apple’s Privacy Policy.


Apple Search Ads: Reported as redownloads and included in the reported install count viewed in the Campaigns dashboard, Campaign Management API, and Attribution API

MMP Difference: Maybe attributed as only a reopen of an app.

These are the top 4 reasons, and there are more other factors as well. But keep these 4 factors in mind before analysing the numbers between two platforms.

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